“Prosecute Trump judicially? There is a better way to punish the president”

A week after Trump supporters stormed Capitol Hill, Democrats are determined to hold the president to account. Believing that the billionaire incited his supporters to the insurrection, they presented this Monday an indictment against him with a view to initiating a second impeachment procedure. A vote will take place this Wednesday in the House of Representatives where the debates began during the day. If, even in the Republican ranks, voices are in favor of the head of state being tried for the events of the Capitol, others believe that this choice is not the most judicious. This is the case of James Comey, the former director of the FBI sacked by the current tenant of the White House. He confided in an interview with NBC, his concern about the consequences of this affair. “It might be better for the country not to pursue criminal charges against the president,” he said. “I don’t think it’s in the national interest that Donald Trump be on our television screens every day for the next three or four years.”

According to Comey, that wouldn’t do Joe Biden any favors either, who will take office on January 20. “It’s not going to help him heal the nation, it’s not going to help us convince the millions of Americans who’ve been cheated and still caught in the cloud of lies, it’s not going to help unite our people, ”he continued on NBC. The one whose adventures were the subject of a mini-series (The Comey Rule) goes further, even considering that this is not the best way to inflict a snub on Donald Trump. “It’s a difficult and painful decision, but I think for the country it’s best that we put this fallen and corrupt president aside, and the spotlight turned on him. This is it, to some people. regards the greatest punishment he could imagine. ”

However, he insisted on the need to punish all those who took part in the assault on the Capitol. “They need to feel the strength of the rule of law. They need to see that we are a country which does not accept attacks against our democracy”, he concluded, also targeting the American president.

A desire to draw a line on the presidency of Trump which James Comey describes in his latest book, Saving Justice. He advises Joe Biden not to take legal action against the current tenant of the White House to allow Americans to permanently erase the real estate mogul from their memory.

This argument, however, has been dismantled by several American figures, notably in an opinion published by CNN, who believe that Trump’s influence on society “will not disappear overnight”.

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