Protest without a mask or social distance against anti-coronavirus measures

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The Colón square in Madrid yesterday became the epicenter of irresponsibility. In full rebound in coronavirus cases -890 positives in just one day according to the report by the Ministry of Health published on Friday-, thousands of people concentrated to criticize measures against the coronavirus taken by the Government of Pedro Sánchez. In this sense, they rejected the mandatory use of the mask and dared to brand the pandemic as “false”.

Shouting “false tests, false positives”, the attendees began to arrive at the square around six in the afternoon. “Wearing the mask cuts our freedom,” some said. They called it a “toxic muzzle.” Her main argument was that the pandemic “is a sham” and that people “must wake up.” «The only thing the government is doing is sinking the economy, that’s your interest. The rest are all inventions, “said one of the deniers. “There are more deaths from the flu in a normal winter than from this supposed virus,” said one woman.

According to the data of the Government Delegation, which had authorized the concentration requested by an individual, between 2,500 and 3,000 people. They had given permission by complying with the appropriate measures, such as keeping their distance and wearing the mask. Neither of them was respected.

Half an hour after the start, one of the representatives, megaphone in hand, asked those present to stay at two meters. Far from paying attention to him, they began a “human chain” by shaking hands around the fountain in the middle of the central enclave. “Freedom, freedom” and “Boat, boat, boat, there is no regrowth here” were the chants that rumbled at that moment. But there were those who dared to wear what they called a “muzzle.” Of course, with him he carried a plastic bag in which he was putting all the masks that he managed to hunt to simulate that he was throwing them away. “We totally disagree with the obligation to wear the mask at all times and in all public places, even if you are alone,” said the man, who emphasized that “there is no scientific justification” that supports the protocol against the pathogen .

Until the access to Colón, by the Paseo de la Castellana, several teams of the National Police traveled, which they urged critics to put on the mask. “Police join,” they replied. “This is a dictatorship,” they shouted at the agents when they tried to evict them, after the time allowed.

“Media terrorism”

“We claim the human rights and freedoms that the Government is taking from us with the excuse of a supposed virus that no longer produces deaths,” explained Carmen, from the StopConfinamiento collective, to EP. For them, what is underway is a campaign of “media terrorism” that aims to “impose fear on society.” “We want let us go back to business as usual, go to school and work, ”the woman continued. Another claim was that the vaccine, when it exists, is not mandatory. «The pandemic is a lie. Does not exist. Why are the hospitals empty if not? “Asked another man, who argued that he put on the mask in case others infected him.

The development of the concentration generated great expectation after Miguel Bosé assured on social networks that he was going to attend. «See you all there, calm down. We are peaceful. Everything is going to be fine. I wait for you. I am the resistance, “he said on Saturday. She was not seen there.

The Government Delegation will investigate the facts

The Government Delegation in Madrid will investigate the events that occurred in the concentration against the mandatory use of masks that has been held in Madrid and take “appropriate action”.

This has been announced on his official Twitter account, in which he has pointed out that the concentration has not been developed in accordance with the provisions of the Government Delegation.

Minutes later, the Government delegate in the Community of Madrid, José Manuel Franco, has published on his Twitter account that the demonstration held in the Plaza de Colón «has not been developed in accordance with essential health guidelinesNor has it respected the terms established by the Government Delegation in Madrid, so the measures to be adopted will be studied ”.

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