PS5 is updated to fix download and connection errors

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The owners of the new generation consoles have encountered some problems in their user experience over time. In the case of PlayStation 5, Sony has already released several updates to improve the overall performance of the system and solve some recurring problems.

However, the console still has some drawbacks in various sections. Fortunately, the company has already prepared another update that solves some of them. Thus, all console users can now download system version 20.02-02.30.00.

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New PS5 update arrived with these improvements

Through the official PlayStation support page, Sony released all the optimizations of the latest update for PlayStation 5. The update generally improves system performance, so the company recommends that all players download it.

The update resolves some issues related to console downloads, data transfers, and connection. For starters, users will no longer have errors with sudden cancellation of content data transfers and downloads.

This used to be the case when transferring data from a PlayStation 4. The update improves overall connection stability for a range of Wi-Fi routers. As if that were not enough, a bug that caused problems when entering text in some games of the last generation has been eliminated.

Like the most recent PlayStation 5 updates, update 20.02-02.30.00 weighs approximately 868 MB. Its installation is essential to continue using some of the services offered by the system.

We remind you once again that if you have problems updating your console automatically, there are several methods to do it manually.

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PlayStation 5 is now available in all regions. Find more information about Sony’s system at this link.

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