Puigdemont undercapitalizes the PDECat by dragging its faithful to Junts

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In 2015, in a regional election that the independence movement presented as plebiscites, all the secessionist parties except for the CUP appeared under the Junts pel Sí platform. The independence movement joined forces and launched headlong into the onslaught of 2017. Five years after those elections, the main secessionist leaders are in prison or on the run, the 2017 coup failed and the division and internal struggles mark the present independence.

The last episode is the definitive break between Carles Puigdemont and his old party, the Partit Demòcrata Europeu Català (PDECat), the formation with which in July 2016 the historic Democratic Convergence (CDC) mutated. After years of tension, in which the escaped Puigdemont first tried to take control of the party, and then directly create a new brand (Junts) with which to launch a hostile takeover bid against PDECat, the break is complete.

Just yesterday, Puigdemont announced that he was leaving the PDECat to focus on the presidency of Junts, the device with which, together with the prisoner Jordi Sànchez, he tries not to lose relevance in Catalan politics. Behind him, a significant trail of casualties (7% of the membership, was assured yesterday from the PDECat in an excessively prudent calculation, internal sources assured) but of great political weight within the party. To begin with, the former councilors imprisoned in Lledoners (Jordi Turull, Josep Rull and Joaquim Forn) and the escaped Lluís Puig, as well as all the councilors of the Generalitat of PDECat except for Àngels Chacón, who remains in the party and could be his headlining in the next autonomous regions. With the departure of Jordi Puigneró, Damià Calvet, Miquel Buch and Meritxell Budó to Junts, the government of the Generalitat really becomes a tripartite.

In a joint letter, the councilors who have broken the card announced that they were following Puigdemont in his new adventure, in turn accusing the PDECat leadership of not meeting the desire of the bases in their resistance to being overwhelmed by the MEP installed in Waterloo, as well as to prosecute the relationship between the two formations. Before them, the five senators of the party announced that they were moving to the new formation, which will also be done by four of the eight deputies in the Congress of Deputies as well as numerous mayors, positions and rank-and-file militants. Also Albert Batet, spokesman for Junts in Parliament. Puigdemont, increasingly in his role as messianic leader, drags his faithful and undercapitalizes his old party.

Torra, not another president

Trying to rebuild the porcelain when the damage was already general, PDEcat spokesman and mayor Marc Solsona tried to reduce to an administrative problem what has actually been the trigger for the total rupture: the lawsuit filed by PDECat against Junts for having appropriated fraudulently of this electoral mark, which the party had registered. The attempts to lower the tone came too late, and David Bonvehí himself, president of the formation, confirmed the divorce: «My highest recognition and respect and that of the PDECat to the Molt Honorable President Carles Puigdemont, colleague and friend. We will continue working for, each one from their own vision, to achieve the independence of Catalonia. Let’s keep talking”.

Only a possible electoral coalition, which Puigdemont rejects, would make the damage not total. It is the formula advocated by former President Artur Mas, who maintains an uncomfortable silence in the face of a fragmentation that, in fact, is one of the consequences of the process that he launched. The old Convergència that he inherited reduced to an almost residual party, obliterated by populism based in Waterloo. It remains to be seen if PDEcat, which claims a more temperate secessionism than Puigdemont’s unilateralist, will rehearse some kind of alliance with Marta Pascal and his Partit Nacionallist Català, the detached formation of PDECat precisely so as not to be protected by the fled former president. .

The precipitation in the rupture is also a consequence of the possibility that the autonomic ones will be held in a few months. Yesterday, President Quim Torra was in favor of the Parliament not choosing a substitute once the Supreme Court confirms his disqualification, which would lead to the automatic dissolution of the Parliament and the calling of elections for the end of November. Torra warned on TV3 that he has already disobeyed and will do so again.

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