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Qualcomm has announced the purchase of Nuvia, a startup that has been around since its founding approximately three years ago, focused on developing custom kernels for Internet servers. The curiosity about Nuvia is that it was founded by three former Apple employees Among which is Manu Gulati, responsible for the A series of Apple processors for its iPhones that also later went through Google.

The deal seems to have been closed around 1,800 million dollars (about 14,800 million euros at the current exchange rate) and the Nuvia team will join Qualcomm’s processor design team. It is expected that, among other things, the new team contributes its knowledge to bring with it the technology developed so far to be integrated into the next Qualcomm chips, its Snapdragon.

More power, less consumption, less ARM

According to Cristiano Amon, current president of the company and the next CEO elected as soon as Mollenkoft’s term ends, Nuvia’s technology will help to make significant leaps in power for Snapdragon processors, while energy requirements will be reduced in all matters related to 5G. Consumption is, at the moment, the biggest Achilles heel of the 5G modems in circulation.

Nuvia, as we have mentioned previously, has been working since 2019 on the design and development of custom CPU cores whose main objective was to power data servers. Qualcomm wants to use this technology in many more areas, not only in this one in which it already has a presence, but to bring Nuvia cores and chips to Snapdragon for mobile phones, personal computers and even connected vehicles.

« The NUVIA team are proven innovators and, like Qualcomm, have a strong heritage in creating leading products and technology. I am very excited to have them join our team. Together, we will be very well positioned to redefine computing and technology. enable our ecosystem of collaborators and partners to drive innovation and offer a new class of products and experiences for the 5G era « – Cristiano Amon.

In one go, integrating Nuvia processors into the Snapdragon will allow Qualcomm replace current components that are developed under ARM license, with which the North American company will get rid of a little dependence on ARM, now in the hands of Nvidia, one of its main competitors in the sector.

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Qualcomm buys Nuvia to improve Snapdragon and reduce its reliance on ARM

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