“Querida ta”, the familiar condolences of the Kings to Elizabeth II for the death of Philip of Edinburgh

Updated Friday, April 9, 2021 – 17:55

Don Felipe and Doa Letizia have sent a statement to the Queen of England where they show the close family

The Kings with Philippe of Edinburgh and Elizabeth IIGTRES

The relationship between the Spanish and English Royal Family is not only one of counterparts but of relatives. For this reason, when Don Felipe and Doa Letizia learned of the death of the Prince of Edinburgh, they rushed to send a telegram of condolences to Queen Elizabeth II. In the concise writing, the Kings show the closeness with the British sovereign, with which they forget formalities and They try “ta”.

“Dear aunt Lilibet“begins the writing of the Kings.” We have felt a deep sadness upon receiving the news of the death of our beloved to Philip“They continue.” In these painful moments, we want to convey our deepest condolences on behalf of the Government and the Spanish people, as well as all our closeness and support. We will never forget the occasions that we were able to share with him, nor the legacy of service and dedication to the Crown and the United Kingdom that he always played by your side, “continue the Kings.” thoughts and prayers They are with your majesty and with the whole family. With all our love and affection, “they say goodbye.

The death of Philip of Edinburgh at the age of 99 on April 9 was reported by Buckingham Palace around twelve noon, the one Spanish hour. At that time, the Kings were on an official visit at the Iberdrola training center, which they were inaugurating. But barely an hour after the end of the act, they had already sent a telegram to the British sovereign.

The last time that Don Felipe and Doa Letizia met Felipe of Edinburgh in public was in July 2017, when the Kings made a state trip to the United Kingdom. For now, in Zarzuela they are waiting of knowing how to proceed the British royal house with the funeral of Philip of Edinburgh to act. The prince expressed that he wanted a discreet and familiar farewell at Windsor Palace, so it is unknown if someone from the Spanish Royal Family will attend the funeral.

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