Quique San Francisco, from the ICU, where he has been for more than 40 days: “I am desperate”

Quique San Franciscoit has been more than 40 days joined in the Hospital Clínico de Madrid for severe bilateral pneumonia.

The 65-year-old actor suspended the performance of his play on January 23 The penultimate in Getxo, Vizcaya, according to the organizers, due to the humorist’s “health problems”. Shortly after his admission was known.

As reported Hello!, have a necrotizing pneumonia that was complicated by another bacterial strain. He is now out of danger, his organs are working and his breathing is stable, although he still cannot climb to the floor.

The magazine has been able to speak with the actor, who, with his usual wit, talks about his hospitalization: “I’m desperate to get out of here …”, bill.

“I still can’t walk and the respirator is always at hand”

According to the publication, your income coincided with the snowfall in Madrid caused by the storm Filomena. With the city paralyzed, it was a police friend of his who transferred him in an SOS 4×4. He couldn’t breathe and could hardly stand.

Now out of danger, he tells his state: “I still can’t walk and the respirator is always at hand”says the comedian, who awaits the result of the “latest cultures and tests to see how my lungs are responding.

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