Rafael Amargo goes out of his mind in ‘Viva la vida’ to deny the accusations of non-payment of one of his artists

Rafael Amargo does not win to disappointment and is now one of the artists that make up the cast of Yerma, Irene Chamorro, who accuses him of non-payment.

Chamorro visited the set of Live life, Telecinco’s current affairs program presented by Emma García, to report that it was the bailaor himself who got in touch with her and her sister to have the artists in their new show, which is on the bill in Madrid.

However, there has been a break with Amargo and they have abandoned Yerma, and everything is due, according to the artist, because they did not charge anything they had agreed with the dancer through a verbal contract.

Hearing the accusations, Rafa Amargo entered the program live and, out of his mind, denied the dancer and clarified what happened.

According to the choreographer, he already told them beforehand that he couldn’t afford to house them in Madrid, something Irene complains about: “We have had to pay for our accommodation here in MadridWe even paid for the bottles of water that we drank during the performances, “he said.

“What you’re doing hurts me because I considered you my friend”

In addition, Chamorro assured that he hasn’t paid them in sixty days of actions carried out by the company.

“I told you that I would pay you when I took the money out of the locker”He replied, who said he felt disappointed and hurt with her: “What you are doing hurts me because I considered you my friend, I gave you a job even having a broken arm because I knew you needed it very much.”

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