Rafael Amargo’s father apologizes to the ‘Socialité’ reporter and asks that they “stop harassing them”

Rafael Amargo’s family is not going through their best moment after the accusations leveled on their son for alleged crimes of criminal organization and drug trafficking. The situation is so tense that one of the reporters of ‘Socialité’ suffered the consequences and lived a really uncomfortable moment with the dancer’s father in full live, where Florentino Amargo faced Giovanna González on several occasions and even got to take the microphone of the journalist. After the event, the artist’s father made the decision to intervene in ‘Viva la vida’ on December 5 to apologize.

Emma García speaks with Florentino Amargo in ‘Viva la vida’

« I am very sorry for what happened, I understand the work of the reporters and cameras but that they understand the pain of a father and a mother, » Florentino Amargo explained to Emma García by phone. The artist’s father wanted to emphasize that everything that is being said about the matter since « 90% is a lie » and asks the media to be well informed about it. « I want to apologize if I have happened to something but it is because of the nerves, the situation and the stress that they are giving us, » added the man, who insisted once again: « I apologize, but I ask that you please stop pestering us ».

« I am having two cancers and I have a tracheostomy, which is difficult for me to speak but it is not my intention, on behalf of myself and my family, we apologize, we apologize if I have done something wrong, » Florentino insisted. Rafael Amargo’s father asks the media to leave them alone because « they speak more than necessary »: « Please, there is a trial and we don’t know if my son is innocent or not. It hurts me a lot as a father. », asked the man during his speech in the Telecinco space.

Emma García appreciates the apologies of Florentino Amargo

After the many times that Florentino Amargo asked for forgiveness, Emma García wanted to clarify that with the explanation she had provided, she understood the situation they are going through: « The pressure has been with you. The cameraman and the reporter were not to blame for those nerves that you were going through. And when you do something wrong, you have every right to be sorry and to apologize. I think it’s the best thing you can do right now, and your son and the cameraman and the reporter are going to thank you, Florentino, « said the presenter.

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