Ralph Lauren creates controversy on social networks for a work jumpsuit that costs almost 700 euros

One of the most popular trends in the street style these last seasons are monkeys utility or work. Dior and Stella McCartney were the first to upload them to their catwalks and celebrities like the Hadid sisters were in charge of spreading them around the world.

This type of monkey has become the garment preferred by insiders For the day to day, and currently we can find it almost in any store that follows the latest trends.

Ralph Lauren has always been a brand that has wanted to reflect American society from the luxury and has become a worldwide trend on Twitter for one of its garments: a work overalls valued at € 690.00.

Ralph Lauren paint drip jumpsuit valued at 690 euros.
Ralph Lauren paint drip jumpsuit valued at 690 euros.

Recently the garment has been reduced in Spain and outrage over the monkey has sparked all kinds of criticism on Twitter. The general tone of the tweets made on the subject was about how a luxury firm uses a blue-collar design, of people who can never afford anything of that brand for the prices, to romanticize their precariousness.

However, amid the outrage the debate is served by those who support that it is not something of class, but a cultural reference towards the visual artists who worked with this type of clothing so as not to stain your clothes or the whole creative process you have to carry behind.

It is not the first time that a garment from a luxury firm has created controversy over cases like this. Gucci has also been peppered with these kinds of scandals, first for selling trousers with fake grass stains on the knees for a price of almost 700 euros or some torn socks for 140 €.

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