Ransomware, QR code fraud … 2021, a dark year in sight for cyber attacks

Due to Covid-19, 2020 will have been the year of almost all-digital: massive development of teleworking and distance learning courses, explosion of online commerce … If this context of crisis makes it possible to sharpen the grip awareness of cyber risks for companies and individuals, it is also a favorable breeding ground for hackers.

“There has been a real digital acceleration in 2020. About two years of digital transformation have been achieved in one!” says Thierry Karsenti, Technical Vice President for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Palo Alto Networks, computer security company. And to continue:

“Cybersecurity is necessarily linked to digital transformation – the more companies digitize, the more they are sensitive to the associated risks … But the new playing field is also much bigger for hackers”, estimates the expert.

In France alone, cyberattacks against companies or institutions quadrupled in 2020, according to theNational Information Systems Security Agency (Anssi). In the victims who call on Anssi, (…) the ladleful figure rose from 50 operations in 2019, against 200 in 2020, so this was multiplied by four “, declared Monday Guillaume Poupard, director general ofAnssi, during a visit to BFM Business. “There really is an explosion. The curve is exponential unfortunately, …

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