Rapper Mo3 dies: he was shot and killed on the road just as he predicted three years ago

Music Mo3 (Melvin Noble) was chased by a gunman, who shot him in the head

The famous Rapper Mo3 (Melvin Noble) has been shot and killed on an interstate highway in the state of Texas.

The TMZ chain reported that police sources confirmed the death of Mo3, who was shot on I-35 in Dallas and taken to a hospital, where he died from his injuries.

According to TMZ, the rapper and the gunman got out of the car on the road and staged a foot chase around Clarendon Drive.

Mo3 tried to escape the gunman who was chasing him by firing his firearm, until one of the bullets hit the back of his head.

Two other people were injured in the deadly shooting at Mo3, who had survived another shooting a year ago and was arrested for a deadly shooting in 2017.

Melvin Noble, known in the rap world as Mo3, was 27 years old and became famous for the song ‘Errybody’ that he released in 2018.

In 2017 Mo3 predicted his shooting death in the music video for his song ‘True Story’. The video begins with Mo3’s lifeless body on a slab, as a morgue worker responds to a call informing him that “I have a body. I think he’s a rapper … he was shot on his way home in his hometown. “