Raquel Becker returns for the rematch to Exatlon USA

Raquel becker


Raquel Becker is once again part of Team Contendientes.

The fiercest competition on the planet, Exatlón United States, made a big comeback to Telemundo with a new season that premiered on Tuesday, January 26. With more drama, euphoria, agony and excitement, 24 athletes arrive willing to give their all in a tough showdown to win more than a million dollars in prizes. This season, the Famous Team (Red Team) and the Contending Team (Blue Team) are made up of a combination of new entrants coming in search of glory alongside some contestants returning for a second chance at the title. The intense family reality show will feature surprising circuits that will put the physical and mental abilities of the participants to the test in the greatest challenge of their lives. In this fifth edition, Frederik Oldenburg will be welcomed as driver, who will be accompanied by sportscaster Marisela “Chelly” Cantú.

12 new athletes, and 12 warriors returning after glory

The fifth season of Exatlon USA will feature 24 athletes, 12 brand-new warriors, and 12 returning for a rematch that could seal their fate. The six athletes who return to Team Contendientes are: Kelvin Renteria, Rafa “El Brujo” Soriano, Octavio “Tavo” González, Denisse “La Pantera” Novoa, Gaba Del Mar and Raquel Becker.

In Team Famosos, on the other hand, return: Mack Roesch, Jacobo García, Norma Palafox, Nicole Regnier, Eric Alejandro and Brenda Castro.

Raquel becker

TelemundoRaquel Becker is once again part of Team Contendientes.

Raquel Becker: From the cinema to the arenas… Once again

One of the girls who return is Raquel Becker. At 28 years old, Raquel is a Mexican action film stunt double for television shows and movies, who participated in the first season and in the “Tournament of Seasons” of the fourth season to show her high level of speed, agility and marksmanship. He is also part of the Mexican Parkour Team.

The audience can enjoy the full episodes of Exatlón United States live starting Tuesday, January 26 or you can catch up through the Telemundo app available on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store or by visiting Fans can join the conversation on social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, in addition to obtaining exclusive content in

Exatlón United States, produced by Acunmedya for Telemundo, is an adrenaline-fueled program that seeks to find the participant with the strongest physical and mental abilities through a series of obstacle courses, extreme living conditions and total isolation from the rest of the world.

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