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The functions of « A premiere or a wake » were suspended because Raúl Lavié had a health problem, a urinary infection, a cystitis that is already controlled, but which has not yet allowed him, with antibiotic treatments, to return to the stage. Patricio Arellano, who is part of the cast, is rehearsing his role to try to replace him next week on Broadway. «He is in good health, but very sad. You are experiencing a urinary infection. It is very painful. You have to rest and take antibiotics. It’s a real downturn that I can’t do the show, « Laura, Lavié’s wife, told Teleshow and thanked the actor for concern for the actor’s health. «Leaving a theater without spectators is not easy. El Negro never missed a show. Not the saddest day of his life. Not even when his son died ”, said the woman who takes care of the artist so that he can soon return to the stage. He said this in reference to the death of Leo Satragno, the eldest son he had with Pinky, who died at the age of 54 as a result of cancer in the intestine, in January 2019. And in this sense, he gave more details. « When he was doing‘ Man of La Mancha ’and fighting against the windmills, he tore his right arm and then his left, and he remained the same, » concluded his wife.

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