Real Madrid: Benzema is 9 in Europe

Real Madrid More than a decade as indisputable, unique case among the greats

More than a decade, 11 seasons, he has been 9 of Madrid owned by Karim Benzema. His path has gone backwards than usual. The doubts appeared more in his first seasons than in his last ones. With Zidane there is no doubt: everything happens, and happen, for Benzema when it comes to attacking. “He is more than a 9, but he scores with a 9,” says the Madrid coach.

The weight of being the battering ram of the Real Madrid it’s huge. In his 11 seasons in the capital of Spain, Benzema has always been the starting center forward. To find something similar in the history of Madrid you have to go to Santillana. The Spaniard played in Madrid for 17 seasons. In the third, injuries caused him to miss almost half the games. Then they chained 10 in a row as an offensive reference until in 1984-85 he began to lose weight in the team. In that campaign he played 22 league games, 15 as a starter. The next one, on the 9th, passed behind Hugo Snchez and the Cougar He only started in six games.

Benzema’s emotional video to remember his 11 years at Real Madrid

While to Benzema nobody coughs him in Madrid beyond when Mourinho wanted him to have more competition with Adebayor, the greats of Europe have moved a lot in the market in search of his perfect 9. Madrid watches over the battering ram market, especially Haaland, but it does it from the tranquility of seeing that Benzema It is not that it goes down, it is that each season is a little better.

Adapt to Messi. It is the premise of 9 that arrives at Barcelona. The season that Benzema arrived in Madrid was that of Ibrahimovic’s landing (66 million) at Camp Nou. Water. The next time Villa was signed (40), who was seriously injured in December 2011 from the circuit. After betting on Alexis (26), in the summer of 2014 Bara found the key by signing Luis Surez in exchange for 81 million for Liverpool. Now he has Lautaro on his agenda.

A lot of change of center forward, but almost all the bets have gone well in the red and white house. In the summer of 2009, Forln and Agero formed a devastating couple. In the summer of 2011 Radamel Falcao (45 million) arrived to start a new era. The following season Diego Costa joined the team after a journey of injuries. In 2014, with Villa next to Costa, he was the league champion. The defense of the title was made with a change up front: Griezmann and a new striker, Mandzukic (22 kilos). After the Croatian Torres returned, Gameiro dressed in red and white and the scam investment is Morata (56).

Morata’s goal (2-3) at Liverpool 2-3 Atlético

Rams of all kinds have been passing since 2009, but the best scorer in sky blue history is Kun. Since 2009 Adebayor (29 million), Balotelli (29.5), Negredo (25), Dzeko (37), Tevez (29) or Gabriel Jess (32) have passed through the C ity.

Goal by Agero (p.) (2-1) at Manchester City 5-1 Atalanta

If the Pole did not end up in Madrid in 2013, it was largely because he knew that removing Benzema from eleven was impossible. He went to Bayern to become, together with Gerd Mller, the best striker in the club’s history.

When Benzema arrived in Madrid in 2009, Bayern’s 9 was Mario Gmez. In 2012 Mario Mandzukic arrived from Wolfsburg (13 million to be the 9 who won the Champions League) and in 2015, free from Dortmund, the Lewandowski era began.

Lewandowski’s goal (0-3) at Chelsea 0-3 Bayern

Everything would have been given by the current PSG directive in the summer of 2009 to take over Benzema. But they were other times. Hoarus and Luyindula were the battering rams until Gameiro (11 million) arrived in 2011. From there the investment shot up in the attack: Ibrahimovic (21), Cavani (65.5) and Icardi (50). And on the sides of the arite the two big pumps from the last markets: Mbapp and Neymar.

Amauri is a Brazilian forward who finished his career at the New York Cosmos. He was the Juventus forward in 2000. Simone Peppe and Alessandro Matri followed the path of a team that lives off Del Piero’s goals. Vucinic arrived from Roma (15 million), then Tevez (9), Llorente (free), Mandzukic (23), Morata (20) and Higuan (90). They all won Serie A, but the objective is the Champions League. For this he played in 2018 with the signing of Cristiano (117).

Man, Salah and Firmino. And to move without stopping. She is the forward of Liverpool European champion in 2019 and this season of the Premier. Klopp has made the Brazilian, who was 10, a key player for her team. On the bench she has a purer battering ram like Origi, but the German does not need a classic 9, something that was sacred at Liverpool. The 9 in the summer of 2009 was Fernando Torres. In the winter of 2010 he left for Chelsea and Luis Surez (26.5 million) and Andy Carroll (41) arrived. On the way to Klopp, he passed Anfield Balotelli (20).

Torres’ forgotten goal with Liverpool

Chelsea were European champions with Drogba in their lead as a starter. It was 2012. The Ivory Coast center forward shares a spot with Fernando Torres, signed for 58.5 million midway through the 2010-.11 season. The battering ram is a position that has taken a lot of money out of the Stamford Bridge coffers. The last case is that of Timo Wemer, just signed by 53 million. Along the way are Morata (66), Batshuayi (39), Diego Costa (38), Giroud (17), Lukaku (15), Remy (13.2) …