Real Madrid: City-Real Madrid: the best attack against the best defense in Europe

Real Madrid Pep’s have finished the Premier with 102 goals and whites with only 25 against

He Manchester City, same as him Real Madrid, who returns to training tomorrow, only looks at the duel on August 7 once the Premier he’s done with Liverpool champion long ago. However, those of Guardiola have taken advantage of the last day to thrash the Norwich (5-0) in the farewell of David Silva of the championship to finish as the highest scoring team among the major leagues, with 102 goals, beating the Bayern, which sum 100.

They are therefore measured in the return of the eighths in the Etihad the best attack in Europe against the best defense. Real Madrid has won the League from its balance and solidity since Courtois to the last forward, to the point of closing the championship with only 25 goals against that have earned his goalkeeper the Zamora more than ten years later.

Therefore, two different bets are measured in the Etihad. Both Guardiola and Zidane They have been able to perfectly read the template in their hands. The French, without Christian and with Benzema as top scorer and Ramos as second gunner, knew how to understand that without Christian you had to adapt to something else. And the result is a team that scores goals, up to 70, but enough when you don’t fit as much. Pep’s City have received ten more, 35, but Liverpool have snatched the title this time making far fewer goals (85) and conceding just two fewer.

Bernardo Silva: “A final against Joao Flix? He will cry a little …”

City, however, has not cemented its offensive power like a single scorer like Madrid. In fact, Steling has finished as top scorer in the Premier with 20 goals, one less than Benzema, that the Pichichi has disputed to Messi almost to the end. The big difference is that the City striker has been much better accompanied than Karim among the people above. There are the 16 goals by Agero and 14 by Gabriel Jess, not forgetting 13 by De Bruyne, a playmaker with almost forward figures that surpasses the rest of the white attackers in length. Follows Mahrez with eleven. Pep has 13 scorers: Bernardo Silva (6), David Silva (6), Foden (5), Rodri (3), Gundogan and Otamendi (2) and Walker and Laporte (1).

In Madrid the goal is much more distributed to compensate for the few goals from Benzema’s supporters. Up to 21 players have scored a goal. Only Militao and Brahim have remained without seeing a door.

But the difference in goals is explained from the contribution of the forwards. The team’s second top scorer is a defender, Ramos with eleven goals, and then two more ways intended to give balance follow: Casemiro and Kroos, with four.

Guardiola: “They know Real Madrid”

The goals of the forwards are distributed as follows: Vincius and Asensio, who has done two in the final stretch after eleven months injured, they add three, Rodrygo, Jovic, Bale and Lucas Vzquez two, and Hazard and Mariano one. Among the media, Isco and James, who will be able to meet De Bruyne’s profile at City, have scored a goal although the second has barely played, while Modric signed three and Valverde two.

Madrid need to score and they do less than City, but his defensive strength is an advantage. For the appointment, Zidane waits however recover the best Hazard, without forgetting the ascending line of other forwards like Asensio or Vincius.