Real Madrid: First reproaches to the eternal punishment of Benzema with his team: “Consecrated in Madrid, lost to France”

Real Madrid Five years away from his country, some media question the absence of his best player

Not even the fact that France Football have suspended the Golden Ball or that there is not even a European Championship, even in this fate has been unfair with Karim Benzema, prevents the case of the Real Madrid striker from being on all the pages of the French newspapers. Didier Deschamps It is he who has undoubtedly escaped the perfect storm, but not the only one, because he would have had his crumb to see the French with the Golden Ball or, even, in the photo of the three winners when just two years ago he was devastated in the polls by all the French media that shake the head of a player splashed by the Valbuena case.

Can you imagine a Euro without Benzema, in theory one of the candidates for the Golden Ball? Probably not even this season would the striker have returned. Real Madrid to his selection, separated since October 2015 by a case that is still lost in court. The sporting and coexistence reasons put forward year after year by Deschamps to exclude Benzema, with Mbapp hardly playing since March or with the worst year of Griezmann Since being in Spain, they would have been at least difficult to sustain one more season.

MX: Goal by Benzema (1-0) at Real Madrid 2-1 Villarreal

The truth is that it has taken almost five years for the first reproaches to be heard from France. Benzema’s case far exceeds that of others misunderstood in France such as Eric Cantona, not only because his career is very far from that of Benzema, the footballer with the best club-wide palms in the history of French football, but because his character knew that he was Fenzable reason to remove him from the group.

One of the most autocratic has been Jrme Latta in his chronicle in the newspaper Le Monde. “Benzema, consecrated in Madrid, lost in France”, headlines the journalist, who adds in the summary: “The consecration of Karim Benzema at Real Madrid is the epilogue to his break with French football that fuels reproaches “. Latta exposes Karim’s mistakes at the time and notes that although she knew how to change her attitude she was always in the focus of the “identity crisis” who scourged the team, in which Karim was “the ideal culprit” for some of his attitudes.

MX: Goal by Benzema (3-0) at Real Madrid 3-0 Valencia

However, among much of France there is the certainty that Benzema will not return to Les Bleus and that the decision is above the coach, especially since Manuel Valls, then Prime Minister, will take action on the matter: “A player from France must have exemplary conduct”, he said to justify Karim’s absence at the 2016 Euro. The white player also responded to the politician by recalling his professional attitude and career. Benzema’s case was therefore something that was even accepted and it was not even worth asking why he had to play without the best striker.

It was Nol Le Grat himself, president of the Federation, who made the coach and closed the career of the Real Madrid player with his country and he got an answer from Karim himself. If the debate between the greater or lesser responsibility of the player in the case of extortion of Valbuena can be understood, it is more difficult to understand how in all this time the player could not be forgiven or, at least, seek a solution. While is true that France was world champion without Benzema, no selection would now shoot himself in the foot of such caliber leaving his main star at home. Portugal without Cristiano, Poland without Lewandowsky, Uruguay without Luis Surez or Argentina without Agero? Identity crises also suffered the world champion Spain itself, but such a diverse group was always united by the good of the team.

In addition to Valbuena case, the feeling is that the player interview at MARCA In which he accused the coach of having been influenced by a racist part of France when it was time to leave him out of the team, it was the other push that was missing to justify his absence with France. Four years have passed since then. Benzema only wanted to clarify something from that interview: he was not accusing the coach of being racist, but he gave the coach an argument further from the Valbuena case, which was already politicized.

The fact is that Benzema, suspended the Golden Ball, was on his way to becoming the most nominated French player, up to ten, beating Thierry Henrry. Thanks to these last two years in which Karim has long been the best player in FranceThe newspaper L’quipe, which belongs to the same business group as the magazine that awards the award, France Football, also recognizes its merits. “Viva Benzema”, headlines today on its cover. The newspaper explains that there will be no prize for him, however: “The recognition will not come from the Golden Ball of France, canceled this year, but from the field. This is the most important thing for someone who embodies such a beautiful idea of ​​the game,” he argues. the article.