The long time we’ve been without football causes a curious debate among fans of this sport. Of all the teams in the Spanish league, Which has been the most benefited? From my point of view, the team that can get more out of this is the Real Madrid

First, because caught him at the worst time of the season. The Whites had accumulated 20 games without losing and between February and March they played in the Cup against Real society (3-4), in league against I raised (1-0) and Betis (2-1) and in Champions against him Manchester City (1-2).

Despite an ‘oasis’ with her triumph over him Barcelona (2-0), Zidane’s team was going through a desert that reminded everyone of the horrible end that lived the previous season. With this break of more than 2 months, those feelings are left behind and now they have a chance (well, two) to straighten the heading in Champions and league.

Juventus v Real Madrid – UEFA Champions League Final

Second, because physically I should be at a great level right now of the year. Except for last season, which was a disaster for Real Madrid, the end of the campaign since Zidane caught the team have always been spectacular. Not in vain the French ended up winning the Champions 3 consecutive times. If they are able to maintain the final level of those seasons, They have a lot of cattle compared to all their rivals.

Third, because will recover Hazard. Against Levante, the Belgian suffered a fibula fracture what did he mean goodbye to your season. However, due to the break, the former Chelsea player may enter the Zidane’s plans for the decisive stretch of the year. A ‘refichaje’ luxury in which the club had placed all hopes to lead the project this season. To make matters worse with him, we must add that also is incorporated Asensio after being all the low course due to a torn cruciate ligament.

At the end only titles will decide who benefited plus the stoppage of the coronavirus, but on paper everything points to It has been Real Madrid.