Real Madrid: Real Madrid and Tottenham negotiate for Bale: the English will take over the entire card and the whites will charge only for objectives

Real Madrid The difficult departure of the gals towards the Spurs begins to take shape

Gareth Bale, during a game last season

Gareth Bale He is close to putting an end to his time as a Real Madrid player. Mourinho’s Tottenham awaits him and the negotiations are open and with total willingness to agree. The English club will take over the chip and pay Real Madrid based on a series of bonuses based on the presence and successes of the London team.. The moves are being carried out by the player’s agent, Jonathan Barnett with Daniel Levy and the employees of the English club.

Bale has changed his mind. It no longer seems good to him that of staying in Madrid to train in Valdebebas (for the moment aside from his teammates in the gym) and not playing for a minute. There is no other, beyond continuing with his quiet and familiar life in Madrid, shopping at a Carrefour near your home, going to their children’s school or playing golf from time to time. He has realized that he is a football professional, that he needs to play and, finally, he has taken the step of shaping his exit from the white club.

Gareth Bale has failed to fix a situation that will lead to the goodbye of one of the most decisive players in recent years, at least in key moments. The locker room values ​​his football, but they disconnected from him a long time ago and, honestly, it doesn’t matter what he does.

Real Madrid-Getafe friendly: Bale leaves the facilities in the 27th minute, Hazard at half-time

Tottenham is Bale’s preferred team for his return to the Premier. Others like United approached their representative, but the gals, once it is clear that he cannot continue at Real Madrid, wants to return to London and his former team before signing for the white club.

Beyond the Eurocup and its selection, the forward is convinced that there is no other possible solution to the situation he is going through. He wants to play feeling like a footballer and in the current white team it is not possible, hence he accepts the change of scenery.