Real Madrid: Sergio Ramos tattoos his chest with the name of Adriano, his last son, and the title of Pablo Neruda’s memoirs

Real Madrid Until now he did not wear tattoos on that area of ​​his body

The chest of Sergio Ramos It is already part of the museum of his skin, of the collection of tattoos through which the life of the captain Real Madrid.

Through his Instagram account, he has shown a photograph showing the reasons chosen for his latest tattoo. In the center appears the name of Adriano, the one chosen for his last born, who came into the world last week.

Below is a Christ whose eyes are two R’s, which points to a reference to the Ramos-Rubio couple. On the right side is the number 06 and on the left 14. And, with the Christ dividing the phrase, I can read in English I confess that I have lived, the title of the memoirs of the Chilean writer Pabo Neruda.