Real Madrid: Two hopes and a ‘miracle’

Real Madrid ZZ, pending Casemiro, Militao … and Ramos

Ramos and Casemiro hug after a goal from Madrid Chema ReyMARCA

Three days after the momentous visit to the Inter in Champions, Zidane is more aware than ever of the nurse. With Benzema in the middle of a time trial against a muscle injury that did not subside, the technician of the Madrid has more open medical fronts.

On the one hand, those affected by covid-19, a threat that has hit the Madrid dressing room hard. At the moment, there are two players who are out of circulation due to the virus, Casemiro Y Militao. This coming Monday, both undergo new tests PCR, determining whether both receive the green light to travel to Milan. The midfielder, after testing negative only four days ago, received a new setback on Friday, in the League tests, in which some results indeterminate they left him off the list for the duel against Villarreal. Militao, meanwhile, has been apart from the past December 2nd, when he tested positive for the first time.

He was injured on Tuesday and already crushes like that on Friday: Ramos is a real animal!

In Madrid, there are well-founded hopes of being able to recover the two Brazilian internationals for the Whites’ next game, the momentous duel against Inter in the Champions League, despite the fact that both have not been able to train with the group (Casemiro only played a part from the session of November 18 with the group) for several days. But Zidane is urged to recover troops and, if he test negative tomorrow, both will have serious options to be against Inter.

Another issue is the possible recovery of Sergio Bouquets, which only a sports ‘miracle’ would allow to be in Milan. The muscle injury he suffered in Spain-Germany should have taken him off for about ten days, but the captain makes the most of his slim chances of reaching the duel of Champions. It will not be the first time that Madrid’s central defender cuts deadlines after a muscle injury, and that is what the one from Beds is working on. Because it is known that Madrid trembles in the Champions League without its commander, who still does not renounce to get on the plane that on Tuesday transfer to Madrid to Milan for a decisive duel in the future of the whites.