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The fourth season of Succession already has a release date. One of the most important series in recent years, with multiple awards from the industry and a wide saga of positive reviews, reaches its fourth season. The story full of intrigue, family tensions and pulses of power has quickly positioned itself as a kind of cult production.

The premiere of the fourth season of Succession is scheduled for March 27, according to information published by HBO Max, the platform on which pre-deliveries are available. In them, Logan Roy —played by Brian Cox— and his four children, Kendall —played by actor Jeremy Strong—, Siobhan —played by Sarah Snook—, Roman —played by Kieran Culkin— and Connor —played by Alan Ruck— recreate various conflictive and, at the same time, natural dynamics when it comes to family and power.

Following a critically acclaimed third season, the fourth will arrive with an audience increasingly attentive to the franchise. Meanwhile, in the story, the pulses between one and the other are intensifying. What is the limit of ambition? In Succession, that answer depends a lot on each character.

The trailer for the fourth season of Succession

Before offering a specific date, it was announced that the fourth season of Succession would premiere in the spring of 2023. At the end of October 2022, the HBO Max platform and HBO shared a first preview of this new installment.

Through its first three seasons, Succession received 48 Emmy Award nominations. Of those mentions, it won 13, including “Best Drama Series” for the second and third installments. The latter was released in October 2021, winning multiple awards. But it doesn’t stop there. Its influence is being such that, on occasion, there are jokes and references taken from this franchise that are used to deal with everyday matters.

At what point is the story?

Tension continues to rise within Succession. The HBO series stands by it and the fourth season will bring more of those pulses. After the last installment, one of the narrative knots is that the sale of Waystar Royco, a media conglomerate, continues to advance. Lukas Matsson —played by Alexander Skarsgård—, considered a technological visionary, is about to acquire that company.

Why is this detail relevant? Because this sale is restless and creates divisions in the Roy family. So, multiple scenarios are derived in each of the protagonists. Everyone tries to imagine what the future will be like once it is realized. This generates an internal power struggle. To this is added that their influence as a family could also be significantly reduced.

Succession has positioned itself as one of HBO’s most prestigious series. Like The Newsroom, True Detective, Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, Euphoria, among other productions, this series has a stable fan base that is attentive to what happens with it. The confirmation of the release date of the fourth season reactivates a franchise recognized for its staging and its script. There are critics who, in relation to this last point, consider it the best written today.

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Taking into account the prestige associated with HBO, which is currently reflected in series like The Last of Us, it is valid to imagine that the fourth season of Succession will follow a similar line to the previous ones in many ways. Perhaps it will even be nominated for various awards again. That remains to be seen, starting next on March 27.

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