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The initial plan of Marvel Studios was to arrive first on television with the series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, an adventure that would tell the details of both characters after the departure of Captain America. However, the pandemic changed plans and now the Wanda Maximoff and Vision series will be in charge of cutting the bar for the house of ideas for Disney Plus. Here everything we know about WandaVision including its release date, cast, and synopsis.

What is WandaVision about?

When Marvel Studios head producer Kevin Feige came home from a hard day brainstorming ideas for the construction of a cinematic universe, the last thing he wanted to see was news filled with grim and harrowing breakings. Instead he took in the old sitcoms that shaped his youth. “Preparing to go on set for the past few years, I kept thinking about the influence these shows had on our society and myself, and how certainly I was using them as an escape from reality where things could fit into a nice bowtie for 30. minutes, ”he told EW.

With that in mind, the idea for WandaVision was born, a six-episode series where we will see the Scarlet Witch and Vision live in an idyllic world of television, much like the comedy shows of the fifties. However, it does not stop there as the narrative evolves by reviewing the television genre until its evolution in the present. Whether it is a world created by Wanda to be with Vision, or a deadly prison of some unknown villain, it is something that its creators will not reveal until its premiere.

The first episode of the series was filmed in black and white with lenses according to the fifties, on a set with an audience that emitted natural and real laughs and with special effects of the time, consisting of cables, camera cuts and other processes. The image really evokes series like Bewitched and the like, so we can expect an entire aesthetic journey through the different eras that marked American comedy television.

“The show is a love letter to the golden age of television,” explains lead writer Jac Schaeffer. “We are paying tribute and honoring all these incredible shows and the people who came before us, [pero] we are also trying to open up new territory. ‘

And that new territory is the amalgam between the sitcom and the pulsing superhero action genre trying to surface. WandaVision may be a tribute to television, but it will also be part of the Marvel universe that we all know, since its resolution will provide a direct bridge to the next Doctor Strange where Wanda will be a co-star of the adventures through the multiverse.

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New and old friends in the cast, for the premiere of Wandavision

WandaVision will arrive with the addition of a new character that we still know very little about, but above all it will include several old acquaintances that we have not seen for some time or others that will finally acquire the necessary relevance within the Marvel universe.

Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch)

Elizabeth Olsen will finally get her own narrative within Marvel. Starting as the antagonist in Avengers Age of Ultron and evolving into a heroine in Avengers Endgame, her character was always secondary in some way or another anyway. Kevin Feige reached out to Olsen by showing him several specific comics about his character and the stories they wanted to explore with this series. “It has been the greatest gift that Marvel has given me, to be able to do this series,” said the actress. “Here we were able to focus on her and not on how she felt through the stories of others.”


Paul Bettany believed that his work with Marvel was over when Thanos removed the Soul Gem from his forehead, condemning him to certain death. But for the house of ideas, death is a totally unsafe idea. The series will explore the mystery of his return and the romance (in form) he shares with Wanda. However, what is interesting is the union between two such different characters. While “she harbors a lot of pain, Vision is a being with a lot of curiosity about what surrounds him,” says Jac Schaeffer, writer of the series.

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The series will be a sort of comedy about a married couple living in a quiet neighborhood that fulfills all the ideals of the American dream. And if we want to place ourselves in this environment, there must always be at least one gossipy and nosy neighbor who wants to become the best friend of the couple. That role is reserved for Agnes played by Kathryn Hahn. «[Ella es] the next door neighbor who doesn’t get up from the couch when it’s late at night, ”Hahn explained. “She is the one who will always be sticking her nose.”

wandavision premiere cast

Darcy lewis

Many questions arise around Darcy, but all of them stem from the excitement of seeing her again. The character that Kat Dennings will play again was originally introduced in Thor (2011) as Jane’s (Natalie Portman) assistant and best friend. The last time we heard from her was during the second installment of the God of Thunder and so far we do not know what relationship it will have with the story of Wanda and Vision.

Jimmy woo

You probably remember FBI agent Jimmy Woo played by Randall Park in Ant-Man and the Wasp as the almost personal caretaker, one step away from babysitting, of a home inmate Scott Lang. If Wandavision is to be like a sitcom, bringing Park and Kat Dennings into the cast and premiere, who have worked on comedies like 2 Broke Girls or Fresh off the Boat, seems like the best idea in the world. We still do not know what role he will play in all this exciting mix.

wandavision premiere cast

Monica rambeau

We first met Monica when she was still a child in Captain Marvel, but since then we knew that her spark and bravery would pay off later. However, fans surely know that his character has a long history of comics. Throughout its history it has had names like Photon, Pulsar, Spectrum, and Captain Marvel. Played by Teyonah Parris, her character has the ability to manipulate and absorb energy. What will be your true role in WandaVision?

Creative team

wandavision premiere cast

Kevin Feige required the services of proven collaborators within Marvel. The series scripts are in charge of Jac schaeffer, who had already worked on Captain Marvel. For his part Mary Livanos serves as executive producer, sharing the position with Feige himself. While the director of all episodes is Matt shakman.

WandaVision: What’s It’s About, Release Date, Cast and More

Shakman’s presence in this project was key, since he can boast an outstanding curriculum as a director in Emmy-winning series such as Game of Thrones or Fargo, but at the same time during his childhood he was an actor in the sitcom Just the Ten of Us, which occurred during the late eighties. So his handling of the tone between action superhero series and television comedy of yesteryear was accurate.

“It really feels like we are all programmed to know, love and understand these suburban family comedies,” says Livanos. So playing with these expectations has been a lot of fun.

WandaVision still does not have an official release date, but you already know its cast and it is presumed that it will occur before the end of the year during a date that Disney Plus still does not have occupied in the month of December. The good news is that by then the aforementioned platform will have arrived in Mexico.

WandaVision release date

WandaVision will arrive on Disney Plus this Friday, January 15, 2021.

marvel studios WandaVision

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