Repsol, Total, Enel and BP offer interesting recovery potential

We should only wait for the return of purchases to confirm the bullish continuation figure that they have been building in their daily price series-

Technical analysis

Repsol it has substantially improved its technical aspect in the medium term by getting above the average of 200 sessions. After facing the resistance of 9.19 euros, we have seen how it opted to consolidate levels, although the very compressed lateral movement of recent days makes us be very attentive to the appearance of a sign of strength that makes us think about the beginning of a new bullish momentum. We will be very aware of a closing above this price level since it would be the signal that would make us think about an extension of the increases to 10 or even 11 euros.

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Total its technical aspect improved notably in the middle of last November when it managed to climb above the 200 session average. Its technical aspect is very good, although to confirm the start of a new upward momentum we should wait for a close above 38.71 euros. This would confirm the beginning of a new upward momentum that could end up catapulting its price series to the level of 45 euros.

240 121 total

At It offers a very good technical aspect after seeing how the year started overcoming the key resistance it presented at 8.60 euros. After rising above 9 euros, the Italian value returns to the vicinity of 8.60 euros, prices that we believe will work as support. At these prices we will be very aware of the appearance of a signal of strength, which would confirm the formation of a throw back, a trend continuation figure. The upward target could be quietly placed at 10 euros.


BP it has improved its technical aspect of the medium term by getting above the average of 200 sessions. After a year and a half below this price level, it seems that a change in trend could be brewing in the Ftse 100 company. The technical prospects are good and everything seems to indicate that after a consolidation of levels we could end up seeing an extension of earnings up to the level of 376 pence, which represents a 25% revaluation from current prices.


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