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Resident Evil Village is one of the most anticipated games of all of 2021. Luckily, after several months without knowing much about it, Capcom has already revealed its release date.

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Through the Resident Evil Showcase that took place today, Capcom shared the release date of Resident Evil Village. According to the distributor, this survival horror will be available from May 7.

Something that will make fans very happy is that Resident Evil Village will also arrive on last generation consoles. This means that you can enjoy it on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X.

It is worth mentioning that the digital version of Resident Evil Village for PlayStation 4 will let you get the version for PlayStation 5 for free. On the other hand, the Xbox edition will be compatible with the Smart Delivery system, so you can enjoy your copy on Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

There’s a new trailer for Resident Evil Village

In addition to this news, Capcom also shared a new trailer for Resident Evil Village. This is an advance that lets us see that once we will put ourselves in the shoes of Ethan Winnters to explore a town full of dangers and terrifying creatures. It also shows us that we can explore a huge castle and that there will be a threat that will constantly haunt us.

You can see the trailer below:

Resident Evil Village was shown in a new gameplay

Of course Capcom didn’t host the Resident Evil Showcase simply to reveal the release date and show a trailer. After all, he could do that with a simple tweet or a statement on his blog.

So what else did he show at the Resident Evil Showcase? An extensive Resident Evil Village gameplay that gives us an idea of ​​the type of experience that awaits us. For example, we can see that it will have an inventory system similar to that of Resident Evil 4 and that there will be a merchant with which we can purchase content.

Without further ado we leave you with the new Resident Evil Village gameplay:

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And to you, what did you think of the trailer for Resident Evil Village? Are you excited to play this survival horror? Tell us in the comments.

Resident Evil Village is in development for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC. You can know more about this survival horror if you click here.

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