Resounding success, the AirPods Max sold out until March 2021

Apple presented the AirPods Max yesterday after months of rumors, the final name was not AirPods Studio, but they are headphones with clear professional aspirations or, at least, intended for the most audiophiles.

airpods max
The new AirPods Max

The AirPods Max start at 629 euros in Europe, a price three times higher than the original AirPods that Apple introduced 4 years ago. However, this high price has not made users think about it much since they appear on the Apple website sold out well into 2021.

This depends, of course, on each country. But in the US, the largest market for Apple, there are models out of stock until March 2021. The AirPods Max in colors Green, Sky Blue and Pink have a delivery time of up to 14 weeks.

AirPods-Max- shipments
14 week shipping on multiple AirPods Max models

AirPods Max sold out for several weeks

It is true that we don’t know how many AirPods Max Apple has made exactly, but even so it seems that they are all sold, and that is a success. Despite being very expensive headphones that are not intended for the general public, sales are being excellent.

Like the original HomePod, AirPods Max are a device designed for a very small audience who enjoys music at a higher level than common. No one is aware that we are in a difficult year, but despite this Apple has opted to launch high-end headphones, and it seems that it is working.

Currently in Spain, most models are not delivered until January 8, and AirPods Max cannot be picked up at an Apple Store. The model in Silver color is the only one that would arrive in 2020, but on December 28. Of course, everything could change in the next few hours.

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