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Mexico City – The person in charge of the vaccination against Covid-19, Miriam Esther Veras Godoy, presented her resignation to the position for « personal reasons », confirmed the Secretary of Health (Ssa).

His departure occurs after the controversy because the Servants of the Nation who participate in the immunization operation were vaccinated as well as medical personnel who attend the pandemic on the front line, while those from private hospitals were not included.

Veras Godoy was director of the National Center for Childhood and Adolescent Health, the body responsible for the Universal Vaccination and Childhood and Adolescence Cancer programs.

« Dr. Veras Godoy had an important task like that of anyone who participates in this operation, she does not leave a hole, she simply and simply makes this decision and we will continue walking with an operation that has great challenges, » said Ricardo Cortés, director of Promotion of the Health of the Ssa.

It turned out that his departure was due to differences due to the implementation of the vaccination program against Covid-19, in which, in addition to the SSA, the Secretaries of Welfare and National Defense participate.

In recent weeks, Veras Godoy participated in the training of personnel for the application of the Pfizer vaccine against Covid-19 and when receiving shipments of this vaccine at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM).

« We are starting a milestone in public health. We have lived for months with an unexpected health situation and the vaccine helps us reduce the disease; however, the vaccine is not everything. We have to always keep a healthy distance, wear face masks and wash our hands, « said Veras Godoy, during one of the vaccination trials at the CDMX Military College.

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By Natalia Vitela and Jorge Ricardo

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