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Last Monday, more than 30 million basic education students returned to classes under a mixed format, that is, face-to-face and virtual, this as announced by the head of the SEP, Esteban Moctezuma Baragán.

In the case of the places where they returned to classes in a prsencial way, it was said that the teachers have a guide that dictates the protocols that they must follow, this for the entities that are in yellow and green epidemiological traffic lights.

This they will ask to return to face-to-face classes. Photo: Reforma

One of the requirements that will be requested of those who attend the Community Learning Centers is a responsive letter. The head of the SEP pointed out that so far there are two states that have a green traffic light: Campeche and Chiapas; but even being in yellow, you can open the learning centers and continue with the classes at home.

The sites that are on a green light must establish Participatory School Health Committees, which will have the function of coordinating with the health centers, in order to maintain the cleanliness and necessary signs, as well as guarantee the sufficient supply of water and soap in the schools.

In the same way, it was announced that there will be co-responsibility filters, that is, home, school, classroom, as well as the care of teachers who are within risk groups.

The protocols also establish the mandatory use of the mask, maintain a healthy distance, staggered return, fixed places for students, alternate attendance according to the surname, mixed education and make the most of open spaces.

As it will be recalled, in the states that have a yellow traffic light, Community Learning Centers were installed, the attendance of students is voluntary, but special attention will be paid to those who are in a vulnerable situation and small groups, a maximum of 9 people.

Measures to take

In general, there are five points that will be taken into account in the places that are in yellow traffic light, these are:

1. A Community Learning Center can be established voluntarily in schools, attendance will be voluntary for both students and teachers, mothers and fathers.

2. They can only be installed when the traffic light is yellow.

3. Students who are in vulnerable conditions will have priority to be attended.

4. Attendees must submit a responsive letter.

5. Work sessions should not exceed 40 minutes and the following measures should be taken:

Three school filters. Healthy distance (2 meters between chairs, tables, benches, etc.). Artisan mouth cover or handkerchief over nose and mouth. Staggered assistance. 40% daily limit of the school population. A maximum of 9 people per room is suggested. Prioritize use of open spaces. Clean furniture and equipment after each class. Avoid attending in case of any symptoms or suspicions of COVID-19. With a case of sick with COVID-19, the CCA will be closed for 15 days.

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