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With the infections shot to record levels In many CC AA, doctors and experts in Covid-19 have requested in the last hours measures as strict as a short and harsh confinement for curb congestion in hospitals that is already beginning to show. However, and unlike other countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, the government rules out national measures and it continues to support the expansion of restrictions in the AA with the most incidence. This Wednesday, for example, the Basque Country applies the municipal closure to stop the advance of infections and other autonomies foresee new and more aggressive restrictions to contain a volume of infections already higher than the peak of the second wave.

14-day incidence by CC AA on January 12 and December 31

Regarding the incidence of Covid by territories, Extremadura and the Community of Madrid have shot up their data and four communities have already exceeded their peak in November. Since the end of 2020 – and despite the fact that only six of the 12 days in January have been published so far this year – the incidence in Spain has grown at a daily rate of 4.36% and it only took 22 days to double from the 224.88 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the 14 days prior to December 21 to the 454.2 that marked yesterday Tuesday.

If this level of growth is maintained – something that does not seem improbable in view of the forecasts of Health, which practically assumes that the incidence will continue to rise for at least the rest of the week – next Saturday the maximum of 529 cases of the second wave reached on November 9 will have been exceeded.

One of the main problems that this poses is that, unlike when the november peak, Spain faces an ascending phase that is unknown how long it will last, threatened by several notably more contagious virus strains, with the most saturated hospitals and ICUs where the worst will not arrive until at least a week after the peak of infections is reached.

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Latest covid news in Spain: restrictions, infections, deaths, vaccines and live alarm status

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