restrictions, curfew, perimeter closures, meeting limits, capacity, hotel hours, number of infections, deaths, vaccines and live alarm status

The effects of the increase in social gatherings around Christmas on the expansion of the Covid-19 they are already here and The Communities begin this Monday to apply greater restrictions to the mobility of citizens. In Andalusia, the perimeter closure has already entered into force, the advance of the closure of the hotel industry and the curfew from eleven to ten at night. The Community of Madrid has, as of today, 41 basic health zones and 14 confined municipalities. 1.2 million Madrilenians live in these areas.

On the other hand, a new consignment of350,000 doses of the covid-19 vaccine It is scheduled to arrive in Spain today, according to the Ministry of Health.

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Latest covid news in Spain: restrictions, infections, deaths, vaccines and live alarm status

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