Results show that Oxford vaccine is effective and safe

One of the Oxford scientists pointed out that the efficacy of the vaccine has exceeded the thresholds set by health authorities, including those of the European Union (EU)

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London.- The vaccine against covid-19 symptomatic developed by the English University of Oxford with the pharmacist AstraZeneca has some acceptable security levels and it is effective, based on preliminary results of Phase 3 of the clinic tests published this Tuesday in the magazine « The Lancet ».

The experts of Oxford published today, for the first time, the conclusions of their clinic tests, who threw a absence of hospitalizations or of « severe illness« in the vaccinated individuals of the group.

These results on the clinical efficacy of the drug (AZD1222) -reviewed by other independent experts- come from the analysis of a pre-specific group of Phase 3 carried out in the United Kingdom Y Brazil with 11,636 subjects, to which is added « safety data » of a total of 23,745 individuals tested in four tests developed in the United Kingdom, Brazil and South Africa.

The team of Oxford, led by Andrew Pollard and Sarah Gilbert, found that their vaccine, administered in two doses (preparatory and booster), is effective in an average of 70%, although the variation in the amount of each dose affects the result.

Thus, when half a dose is administered followed by a full dose, the level of efficacy of the vaccine it rises to 90% and falls to 62% when volunteers receive two full doses of the preparation.

Among the 23,745 immunized people, only three in a median period of 3.4 months experienced « serious adverse effects » that could be attributed to the vaccine, although all have recovered or are recovering and continue to participate in the clinic tests, explained the experts of Oxford it’s a statement.

« In future analyzes, with the inclusion of more data as it becomes available, we will investigate differences in key sub-groups -such as older adults-, various ethnicities, doses, times of administration of booster vaccines, and thus we will determine what responses immune systems offer protection against infection or disease, « said Merryn Voysey, one of the study’s authors.

Pollard, for his part, stressed that « the effectiveness of our vaccine« It has exceeded the thresholds set by the health authorities, including those of the European Union (EU), which has yet to give its approval to this drug.

« We will only manage to control pandemic whether the licensing, manufacturing and distribution of these vaccines can be carried out on an unprecedented scale, and the process of vaccination reaches even the most vulnerable, « said the scientist from Oxford.

AZD1222 has been made from the genetic modification of a common cold virus that affects chimpanzees, but does not cause disease in humans and is capable of expressing the S protein of SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes covid.

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