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Sony Playstation 5 :

PlayStation Spain has published a trailer of Returnal that lets us hear for the first time the dubbing of the title to our language. The new video of procedural shooter in the third person of Housemarque (Resogun, Nex Machina) da more details of the gameplay of this exclusive of Playstation 5, specifically, of the different types of weapons, artifacts and tools with which the protagonist has to defeat aliens in this bullet hell.

Before getting into it, it has been confirmed that there will be a progression system despite being an arcade roguelike. Selene find in the opening bars of the adventure a strange monolith, the Cthonos, an alien device that offers random objects when starting each attempt, which records the activity of the protagonist and, as experience accumulates, grants a new object that is permanently added to the button.

Beyond this, all others will restart after each death and will be generated procedurally, including scenarios and weapons. Of these last there will be 10 different ones, each one with its alternative shot (activated by using the adaptive triggers of the DualSense). In turn, the weapons can be modified with a total of 90 stackable traitssuch as explosive projectiles and pools of acid.

Returnal Gameplay PS5

To these variables we must add other enhancers that the Fabricators that Selene will encounter around the stage and other alterations, such as Parasites, which can have both positive and negative effects; and the toolsranging from swords to area-powered bombs to blunt abilities.

Returnal arrive on March 19 in two editions

In the slightly more than two minutes that the trailer lasts, it is made clear that Returnal, despite its AAA finish, return to the arcade and bullet hell roots that are the identity of the study, while altering them with the procedural design. What remains unclear is how to be and how much weight will the narrative have, although in the last bars of the video there is a brief first person scene which can serve as a clue as to where the shots will go.

Returnal Weapons Skills PS5

Returnal reach the stores on March, 19 in different editions at a price of 79.99 for the standard package and 89.99 for Digital Deluxe Edition, than to add the Electropilon Conductive Weapon, Hole Seeker Weapon, Reflex Stimulator Consumable, Pulsing Mass Artifact, Adrenaline Booster, and Digital Soundtrack, plus two outfits for Selene which are also included in the digital standard edition.

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