Rick Scott attacked the UN for giving space to Maduro’s “ruthless dictator”

15 minutes. United States Senator Rick Scott said on Monday that it is “hypocritical” for the Human Rights Council of the United Nations (UN) to allow the participation of Nicolás Maduro, in its annual assembly, inaugurated this Monday in Geneva.

Scott made his pronouncement after the Human Rights Council’s decision to include Maduro, whom he referred to as a “ruthless dictator,” in the 46th session.

In a statement, the Republican added that the US “should not finance an organization that turns a blind eye to human rights violators.”

Scott stressed that “it is time for the Biden Administration to take seriously our commitment to freedom and democracy and hold the UN to account.”

In addition, he affirmed that President Biden and Linda Thomas-Greenfield, candidate for UN ambassador, must ask the body to rescind Venezuela’s seat. Furthermore, it calls on them to refuse “to participate in any session that provides a platform for murderous dictators.”

For the Republican, one of the two senators from Florida, a state with a large population of Venezuelans in Miami-Dade County, the Council’s “hypocrisy” is evident in allowing the “dictators” to sit at the table.

“Over and over again I have denounced the hypocrisy of the United Nations (UN) for allowing oppressive regimes such as Cuba, Venezuela and communist China to occupy a seat on a council that supposedly defends human rights,” he said.

“The UN has continually provided a platform for dictators like Nicolás Maduro, who imprison dissidents, strip citizens of their basic rights and starve their own people,” added Rick Scott.

Maduro’s participation

Maduro had a virtual intervention during the opening of the sessions of the UN Human Rights Council. He argued that the sanctions are preventing a better response to the social and health crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic.

Maduro promised to collaborate with the CDH. However, he maintained his position of rejecting “any inquisitorial mechanism that seeks to use the cause of human rights as a political tool.”

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