Robot uses Artificial Intelligence to paint works on canvas without human intervention

Robotics Art Studio is a project that makes it clear to us what the next level of evolution of Artificial Intelligence systems can be. Where they no longer only develop pieces of digital art. Now they can team up with robots to form physical works.

Today there is absolute uncertainty about the real reach that the platforms of Artificial Intelligence (AI). There are plenty of examples of projects that are disturbing due to their results or the opinions of public figures who fear the dangers of this trend.

This is the case of TheRRRealist, an initiative that has gone viral on social networks for using the power of Stable Diffusion AI to create extremely realistic virtual models that simply do not exist but that carry out high-impact portrait sessions that surpass good part of the content creators on platforms like OnlyFans.

To this is added the case of Midjourney and other systems that are also creating impressive digital pieces of art. Now comes a new variation on this trend that is frankly more disturbing.

Robotic Art Studio: the project that creates painting robots

Robohood Inc. is an art and technology startup specializing in the fields of AI and robotics. For this reason, he has created a robust system, called Robotic Art Studio, which mixes both elements. Where users can create physical paintings through a simple text request or could even paint a canvas without human intervention.

This is a true robot painter where the technology uses stable diffusion, a deep learning text-to-image model that is mainly used to generate detailed images guided by a text message. And Robohood combined this novel neural network with their software that renders and paints them with robotic manipulators.

The system, called Robotic Art Studio, uses a wide variety of different painting techniques, with each brushstroke calculated over every part of the process, from mixing colors on the palette to pressing on the canvas.

the colleagues of E&T They ran a series of experiments with the Robohood platform recently to come up with two pieces illustrating the terms ‘engineering’ and ‘technology’.

The result of these processes is what we see in the images that accompany this text, showing both elements as a fundamental piece and a fusion factor with the daily activities of human life.

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and its scope seems to be much broader than we could have imagined.