Rocío Carrasco has sued Belén Esteban for revealing her debt with the Treasury in ‘Save me’

After Belén Esteban gave the news at the beginning of 2020 that Rocío Carrasco owed more than one million euros to the Community of Madrid for not having paid inheritance tax, the daughter of the greatest has made a move in this battle.

The accusation of revealing secrets for making public details of its economy would be the main reason why Carrasco has sued the collaborator of Save me. This demand could mean for the Princess of the town up to a prison sentence.

In It’s already noon they have wanted to review all the news that surrounds these two celebrities, and upon seeing the information on the lawsuit, Sonsoles Ónega wanted to know what Alba Carrillo thought, friend of Carrasco.

This has ensured that I had not discussed the issue with her , but even so he has given his opinion on the attitude of Bethlehem, which seemed wrong to him: “If someone commits a wrong against you, they have to go to court… It is true that Belén Esteban is wrong and they use her as a spokesperson for Antonio David and his family ”.

But it is not the only one court battle in which the Belén Esteban can be seen involved. Miguel Ángel Nicolás has expanded the information, and has ensured that Toño Sanchís had hired the same law firm as Carrasco to follow in his footsteps and also sue the co-presenter of Save me. An office where Rocío’s husband, Fidel Albiac, works.

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