Rocío Flores is negotiating her return to television when the Rocío Carrasco documentary ends – Explica .co

After seven episodes of Rocío Carrasco’s documentary series, the name of Dew Flowers it has sounded several times, especially in chapter 6, where Rociíto spoke more thoroughly about her daughter. However, the young has not yet spoken, but could do it sooner rather than later.

As reported by the magazine Lecturas, the granddaughter of the Jury is negotiating his return to television, specifically, to the set of Survivors, reality in which she participated in 2020 and in which this year is Olga Moreno, Antonio David’s wife.

Apparently, Rocío Flores has promised the program to support her father’s wife, whom he has repeatedly said is his mother. In addition, it is willing to respond to the questions raised by Jorge Javier Vázquez regarding the documentary.

Even so, the condition he has set is that his reappearance once the broadcast of all episodes ends, 12 in total (plus episode 0 that has already been released). Therefore, Rocío Flores could speak again in the coming weeks, and who knows if maybe he will fly to Honduras to be able to see Olga Moreno in person and return to those beaches that he knows so much.

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