Rodner Figueroa is in mourning

Rodner Figueroa in mourning


Rodner Figueroa is in mourning: Who killed the presenter?

For many people their relationships with animals become so intense and close that losing them represents an immense pain in their lives. Such is the case of the television host Rodner Figueroa, who revealed that he is going through a very difficult time, after the death of his pet Carlota.

The television presenter shared the sad news with his followers on Instagram, where he posted a photograph next to his dog, who accompanied him for many years, and with which he mentioned the bad time he is going through.

Rodner wanted to pay tribute to who he called “his baby” and thanked him for giving him so many years of joy.

“I am destroyed, I said goodbye to her with a broken heart but with a smile, because she only gave me love and joy and did not deserve to say goodbye in another way. Carlota accompanied me in the most difficult moments of my life and knew how to give me love, “said the Venezuelan in his letter.

The fashion expert, who has another pet, named Napoleon, remembered his deceased mother and said that Carlota has already met her in heaven.

“He went to accompany my mother and that gives me comfort! Rest in Peace my beloved baby. I’m going to miss you every day! ”Added the entertainer.

The fashionista posted other photos of his dog and him next to her and her husband and reiterated being very affected by his death.

“It was very difficult to dawn without you by my side Carlota !!! Seeing your toys and your empty bed has destroyed me but I know that you are no longer suffering and that relieves my spirit !!! I never imagined that it would hurt so much but I understand that your unconditional love filled many spaces of my being and that is why I feel this immense pain, “said Rodner, who received many messages of encouragement from his fans. “Thank you for everything my princess !!! Run, bark, play and bite like you loved to do so much. Napoleon and I walk today remembering you and taking you at every step in our hearts !!! We missed you a lot on our walk but I know you were by our side taking care of us like an angel !!! May God bless you, my beloved Carlota and give me the comfort I need !!! I love you infinite!!!”.

Last February Rodner suffered the greatest loss of his life, following the death of his mother Eucaris Rigual, at the age of 84.

“Rest in Peace Eternal Love !! Thank you for having loved me unconditionally and for having overflowed with love all your life !!! You are the greatest gift that God gave me. What a privilege to be your son and to have been born from your womb !!! Thank you for always giving me a smile, sheltering me in your arms and wrapping me with love !!! You are the purest love I have ever known and you taught me to love unconditionally in a generous way ”, said the animator in his letter.

“You did not know selfishness and you were pure of heart !!! I will forever honor your joyful spirit and that passion for life enjoying the simplest pleasures in life !!! ”added the talent of Telemundo.

“I already miss you but I am at peace and serene that everything I am and everything I have done in life has been to fill you with pride and satisfaction. I am happy to know that you are free and to think that you are reunited with your loved ones again. We meet again to merge in an eternal embrace. Your cocoliso (as she affectionately called it) that loves you and will always love you !!! Love you endlessly Mom !!! My eucalyptus !!! #mom #qepd #dep #rip, ”Rodner said.

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