Romanian Prime Minister resigns

“I have decided today to submit my resignation,” Ludivic Orban said on television, after an interview with the head of state Klaus Iohannis.

“My resignation has a specific purpose: to allow the launch of negotiations for the formation of the future government”, added Mr. Orban.

The pro-European liberals, who came in second with 25% of the vote, behind the Social Democrats (30%), should however remain in power by uniting with smaller parties.

Mr Orban, 57, was appointed Prime Minister in November 2019, following a motion of censure that overthrew the Social Democratic government.

According to the media, the president blamed him on Monday for the modest score achieved in the legislative elections and the mismanagement of the pandemic.

An interim head of government will soon be appointed by the president, pending the outcome of negotiations to form a new coalition.

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