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Ronald D. Moore wants to produce a ‘Star Wars’ series for Disney Plus

Ronald D. Moore was one of Apple’s most talked-about signings to create exclusive Apple TV + content. The creator of Battlestar galactica surprised with For All Mankind, a series that addresses an alternate reality where the Russians first reached the Moon. On the occasion of the premiere of the second season, the writer and producer gave an interview to THR Y declared his interest in Star wars.

Moore, who declares himself a fan of the franchise, was close to closing a deal with George Lucas and Lucasfilm to produce a series in 2013. Star Wars: Underworld was positioned as the most ambitious project de Lucas before selling the rights to the saga to Disney and in May 2020, Moore himself was the one who leaked all the details.

The producer worked with George Lucas on ‘Star Wars: Underworld’

A series of Star wars written and produced by Ronald D. Moore would sound ideal for many fans of science fiction.

“It’s always something I have in mind, but clearly [Disney] has his plate of Star wars full at the moment. I’m not sure this is the time to go in and propose a new series of Star wars.

I was so excited to write lines for Darth Vader in one episode and it would be fun to do it again. It’s just not the first development piece I’ve done there, but I hope I’ll be allowed to do it at some point. ”

Ron Moore mentions that it was fun working on Star wars underworld and that Disney’s strategy is amazingSince you no longer have to wait years to see a new movie or series, as you used to.

Ronald D. Moore and Disney to develop series based on the Magic Kingdom Universe for Disney Plus

While the series of Star wars finishes curdling, Ronald D. Moore and Disney reached an agreement to produce the series The Society of Explorers and Adventurers, which will address the characters of the amusement parks and classic films of the company.

The disney plus series is in a development stage and is part of a franchise called Magic Kingdom Universe. Disney intends to expand it as it did with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Moore would be in charge of building it.

The creator of Battlestar galactica will work with Disney Imagineering, the group responsible for designing all of the company’s amusement parks worldwide. Nearby sources assure that Moore and his productivity Tail Ship Productions signed a multi-million dollar contract with Disney for several years.

Ron Moore and his team will be tasked with exploring characters from various locations to bring them into their new series. The project will have a broad base to nurture itself, since the stories that can be developed from the Magic Kingdom Universe are almost endless.

For now there is no confirmation from Moore or Disney regarding the series and the future of the franchise. If carried out, a series of Star wars it would be more than feasible In the not too distant future.

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