Rosa María Mateo, Ana Rosa, Macarena Rey and Sandra Barneda, among the 25 most influential people in Spain

Forbes has revealed its list of the most influential personalities every year. In a 2020 that will be forever saved in our memory, the 25 most influential people in our country have been all women. In addition, among a wide selection of policies, and even with Queen Letizia in the first position, we find four communicators of the current television panorama: Rosa María Mateo, Ana Rosa Quintana, Macarena Rey and Sandra Barneda.

Rosa María Mateo, the sole administrator of RTVE, is in the eighth position of the ranking. His figure is one of the most controversial of the public entity, since He has been chairing the group for two years under criticism from many of the political parties. However, his television career has a long history, with almost 60 years linked to RTVE, but also having presented the news programs of ‘Antena 3 noticias’ and having moderated electoral debates.

Rosa María Mateo, Ana Rosa Quintana, Macarena Rey and Sandra Barneda, among the most influential

The tenth position It is for Ana Rosa Quintana, who since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic has been very critical of the management carried out by the Government of Pedro Sánchez, as has been seen in different speeches he has launched in ‘The Ana Rosa program’. The journalist assures that she, « rather than influence », what she seeks is « to show all the faces of a news story so that viewers can form their own opinions« However, it is not the only face of Mediaset that has a place in the list, as Sandra Barneda is also present in the 24th position. In addition to being very present on television in 2020 when presenting the second edition of ‘The island of temptations’, the Catalan has become the Planet Award finalist with « An ocean to get to you. »

Macarena Rey is a little before Barneda, specifically in the nineteenth position. The CEO of Shine Iberia and head of ‘MasterChef’ in its three versions and other programs such as ‘Prodigios’ and ‘Masters of sewing’, earns this position thanks to his talent to lead a team of more than 800 people. In addition, the success of these and the improvement in the follow-up experienced is noteworthy, especially in the eighth edition of ‘MasterChef’ and in the third of ‘Masters of sewing.

Royalty, economics and politics in the lead

As we already mentioned at the beginning of the article, Queen Letizia occupies the first position from the Forbes list. Among its causes is its involvement in the fight against gender violence, a recognition that the Observatory against Gender Violence applauded as the only European queen whose intervention is full. The second position goes to Ana Botín, president of the Santander Group, who is recognized as maintaining the bank as one of the largest in the world. Closing this top 3 is Isabel Díaz Ayuso, one of the figures with the most headlines this year with his management of the pandemic in the Community of Madrid.

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