Rosalía can’t resist pizza, and that makes her even more perfect!

Rosalía has not only been a resounding success because of her music, her style, her nails and her personality have given her a spectacular highlight.

Not only is she talented at singing, dancing, and being a performer; Rosalía could hardly disappoint with her attitude or her choice of outfit.

The secret of Rosalía’s skin

Even when she decides to go “incognito” and wears clothes that do not attract particularly attention, the Spanish woman always does something that ends up conquering a new heart.

This theory was proven a few days ago, when she was caught eating pizza like any other ordinary person at NYC Pizza.

Oh my, Rosalia! The singer shows how to wear an off-white look

When she realized that she was being photographed, she felt a little panic for a moment, but then she went about her business without restriction.

Far from belonging to the club of girls who limit their cravings or don’t enjoy what they eat by following rigorous standards, Rosalía thoroughly enjoyed every bite of her pizza.

Comfortable and calm at the bar of the place, she ate several slices with different ingredients and to avoid touching her mask over and over, she simply ran it towards her chin.

With her Prada Re-Issue 2000 nylon bag, worth $ 795, Rosalía left the pizzeria looking splendid.

Rosalía debuts look for 2021

In denim jeans, black platform ankle boots, and a knitted sweater that showed a heart at chest level, she blew us away again.

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