RTVE, the first Spanish media with an informative equality guide

The RTVE corporation has approved the first Equality Guide in a communication medium in Spain, that has guidelines for the incorporation of the gender perspective in daily work.

The RTVE Equality Observatory, made up of representatives of workers, management and women’s associations, has prepared the guide and will be in charge of take annual balance of the contents of the different areas of the Corporation “to guarantee, in all of them, respect for equality.”

Between the objectives set by the guide They include: avoiding stereotypes or perpetuating the hegemony of the male model, ceasing to identify women and men with certain roles, or not highlighting issues related to their family role or as sexual objects from women.

The guide asks to avoid stereotypes and stop identifying women linked to their family role or as sexual objects

Between twenty recommended actions They include: using inclusive language, promoting the equal presence of women and men in information, analysis and debate. Value the role of women as a source of information, for which a common agenda of experts will be drawn up for news and programs. Search a balanced representation of women and men in gatherings and opinion spaces.

Or promote physical, functional and age diversity among women who appear on screens. And the coverage and the broadcasting of cultural and sporting events for women on equal terms with men, as well as providing egalitarian models in spaces for minors and young people.

Chapter on how to report gender-based violence

The guidelines and actions are applicable to informational spaces, but also to entertainment and advertising. In addition, the equality guide has a specific chapter for improve coverage of gender violence.

The guide collects that violence against women “is not a mere private or domestic matter. It is a serious social problem. It is not an “event” or a “crime of passion” and asks to avoid lurid details that do not provide essential information such as the number of stab wounds or blows the victim has received. And he recommends sticking with data provided by experts, with whom they have training, and forgetting those who said they hadn’t heard anything or that “they seemed like a normal couple.”

In the information on gender violence, the guide proposes avoiding “images and lurid and morbid details”

Also, the guide recommends avoid “lurid and gory images and details“It also asks to” follow up on the case, “if there was a conviction and what the conviction was.” “Not validating the Parental Alienation Syndrome” (SAP), considered by the United Nations as unscientific. And “avoiding the narcotic effect” of this information with novel approaches.

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