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The World Health Organization reports the first recorded case of H5N8 avian influenza transmission from birds to humans. Another serious danger.

A year ago the world was completely oblivious to the terms « Covid-19 » and « SARS-CoV-2 ». It could well be said that now everyone knows them, and today an uncomfortable feeling of déjà vu arises with bird flu H5N8.

This kind of influenza exclusive to birds (originally) has just been detected for the first time in humans back in Russia.

So the World Health Organization (WHO) has sprung into action to find out the details of this historic contagion case.

H5N8 Avian Influenza: How It Happened

According to a report by Bloomberg, the Russian authorities have detected what would be a case of « human infection by avian influenza H5N8 », their analysis confirmed to the WHO itself.

The importance of this is that if the presence of the strain is confirmed in 100% humans, then it would be the first time that H5N8 infects people.

For now seven workers on a poultry farm south of Russia would be being studied, as they would have been exposed to the new strain, after working among flocks of infected birds in December 2020.

It seems that there is no contagion between humans

According Anna Popova, head of the Federal Surveillance Service for the Protection of Consumer Rights and Human Welfare of Russia the workers were asymptomatic for now.

It is considered that no case of contagion « from person to person » has been found so far. So all seven would have obtained H5N8 from their interaction with birds.

Usually avian influenza in any of its previously known variants, including the one analyzed here, manages to be transmitted through contact with poultry or with surfaces contaminated by saliva, secretions or feces.

The local authorities, in coordination with the WHO, would be collecting all the relevant information to assess the real impact of this event.

Since this flu is highly contagious among birds and its symptoms are serious for them. But in humans it does not seem to represent a serious danger with the symptoms produced. For now.

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