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Russian President Vladimir Putin gave instructions to begin mass vaccination of the entire Russian population against coronavirus next week

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Moscow, Russia.- Russian President Vladimir Putin, ordered this Wednesday to start mass vaccination campaign against him Covid-19 the next week and although he expressed being alarmed by the new strain of the virus, he trusts the Russian Sputnik V vaccine.

« I ask you to begin mass vaccinations of the entire population from next week« , said Putin at a government meeting by video link that was broadcast on state television.

In this regard, the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the fight against the pandemic, Tatiana Gólikova, said that the authorities would be ready to expand the program as of Monday.

Russia began to vaccinate the segments of the population considered priority, especially the elderly, medical and educational personnel, and little by little it was expanding immunization to more citizens.

The sovereign wealth fund RDIF has said that 1.5 million Russians have already been inoculated with the vaccine Sputnik V.

Trust the Russian Sputnik V vaccine

The Russian president today expressed his alarm at the appearance in the United Kingdom of a new strain of the covid-19, although he was confident in the efficacy of the Russian vaccine, Sputnik V, which he called « the best in the world ».

« We see what happens in some countries, say in the UK. We are watching this with alarm and are in contact with our European partners, » he said. Putin during a telematic meeting with the Government.

Putin He recalled the « provisional » measures adopted in the field of air transport to limit the arrival of possible positives, but considered that the Government should think about how to deal with « new threats », including « new strains of the coronavirus« .

Russia extended the suspension of flights with the United Kingdom on Tuesday until February 2, which had been suspended on December 22 after the appearance of the British strain, B117.

The United Kingdom recorded the highest annual growth in deaths from the pandemic since World War II in 2020, figures that experts say could rise due to the spread of B117.

Putin, who has not yet been vaccinated with Sputnik V, considered that the Russian vaccine has more than demonstrated its effectiveness since it was registered in August 2020.

« It is very evident. We already thought about it before and now practice shows that it is, I believe, the best in the world and no other preparation boasts that level of protection and security, » he said.

At the same time, he clarified that « it is necessary to understand how it will behave under conditions of numerous strains (…). In-depth analyzes are necessary, » he commented.

Health authorities confirmed today that the only case of a positive with the British strain is already cured.

« We see that in the world in general, unfortunately, it is not possible for now to end this disease or prevent all its negative consequences, » said the head of the Kremlin.

He stressed that in the country there has been a « certain decrease » in the number of cases, but considered that this is not a reason to « calm down. »

Russia recorded 22,850 cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, to which must be added 566 deaths, after the Government highlighted on Tuesday that the epidemic situation in the country is stabilizing.

With 3.47 million cases of Covid-19, Russia it ranks fourth in the world after the United States, India and Brazil.

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