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Russian model Anastasia Kvikto dances to the Latin beat! (Instagram)

Russian model Anastasia Kvikto dances to the Latin beat! | Instagram

Known as “The Russian Kim Kardashian” the beautiful Anastasia Kvikto has left more than one netizen with their mouths open thanks to her curves, her posts on Instagram do not do her justice compared to a video in which she appears dancing to the Latin beat on a television show where she is also wearing an extremely tight dress.

The russian model She has shown us her complete figure from different angles, already turned into a celebrity on social networks, it seems that she is also conquering American television where she appeared showing her curves with a tight nude dress.

Quickly Anastasia Kvikto has enchanted more than one of the Internet users with her publications in which she is not afraid to show enough skin, there are those who at some point in her career came to compare her with Demi Rose, who is also a model but of British origin, they have several similar things in terms of their physiology, but when we see them in more detail, we realize that not so much.

Four years ago on April 27, 2016 Anastasia Kvikto was one of the guests on the American program “Un nuevo Día”, where they had the opportunity to interview her and also to dance with her, since she previously admitted that she liked Latin rhythms a lot, in At that time he was still living in Miami, Florida, United States where Latin music has great influence.

The video that was shared on the Un nuevo Día channel was titled “Russian Kim Kardashian learns to dance with Daniel! | A New Day | Telemundo”, where not only viewers enjoyed seeing the Russian model but also Attendees, especially their later charms, we will share the video with you right away.

Daniel Sarcos teaches Anastasiya Kvitko, the Russian Kim Kardashian, how to dance to our most characteristic musical rhythms. Have fun with us! “, Part of the video description.

Of the rhythms that Anastasia Kvikto She enjoyed dancing with one of the conductors, it was the first merengue, followed by bachata, later she danced reggaeton and to finish a bit of salsa, without a doubt the beautiful model managed to leave everyone surprised, although the dance is not his fort managed to do quite well.

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Something that has characterized women from other continents is that they are not so light to dance, perhaps that is why the Russian model looked a bit out of rhythm despite the fact that she was very smiling her steps that perhaps in Latin America are basic for a A person from Russia can be extremely complicated, however it was something that did not interest the viewers so much because just by seeing his figure they were more than happy.

How beautiful that woman is in love “,” Diossss what a doll … What silhouette does that woman have “,” I teach this beauty to dance everything “, wrote some Internet users in the video.

As is normal among celebrities Anastasia has received some criticism due to her peculiar figure, there are those who definitively affirm that she has undergone several operations to have a spectacular body, although Kvikto continues to admit that everything in her is natural, as mentioned in interview on the same program.

Surely that day the program had a large audience thanks to the visit of Anastasia Kvikto to its facilities, so far no more videos have been shared on YouTube where the model appears, surely her fans are on the lookout at the moment she does so.

With 25 years of age, he has managed to make millions fall in love with his charms and every day he becomes more followers thanks to the content that he tends to share on his social networks.

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