Sailor Moon has its own version of the eighties sitcom created by an Artificial Intelligence

The anime movement became popular in Latin America in the mid-1990s. Sailor Moon is part of this group of pioneering series that came to us from the Far East. The magical girls, represented in their heroine forms by elements of the cosmos, captivated millions of fans in our region.

It is true that this type of series is generally liked more by the female gender. However, Sailor Moon is in charge of breaking that barrier and trapping a significant number of the male sector in the Sentai subgenre.

Although it does have its sector of fans, Sailor Moon does not have large numbers of readers in the manga created by Naoko Takeuchi, in Latin America. But the numbers of the anime, until the Sun of this February 2023 are impressive and it continues to grow.

The well-supported argument of the Japanese literary work, with the astrological elements and the Sailor Girl’s outfits combine to make a very interesting story.

The Sailor Moon of the eighties

What we didn’t know was that in the suburbs of the Internet there was an eighties version of the sitcom style. It is not exactly a series developed more than three decades ago. It is rather something of the present that has illustrated the wonderful Artificial Intelligence.

According to a review by Spaghetti CodeIn the illustration, obviously, Sailor Moon appears, who is the protagonist who we could confuse with a character from Cheers or The Golden Girls.

There are also Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus, Tuxedo Mask, Chibi-Usa and the guardians that make up the outer solar universe, such as Sailor Netpune, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto.

They are joined by some villains such as Sailor Galaxia, Queen Nehelenia, Queen Beryl and even Queen Metalia.

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