The Center for Studies of Public Finance of the Chamber of Deputies (CEFP) located the amount of 7 thousand 712.7 million pesos of sub-exercises in the Ministries of Health, Defense and Education. Read Gas and diesel prices in Mexico today Sunday March 29, 2020

Such delay in said expenditure was identified in the first month of the year and compensates for the overspending in the Secretariats of Welfare and Energy, for 13 thousand 479 million pesos. According to the CEFP report, the Health branch left without exercising more than half of its approved budget for that period, equivalent to 3,374.5 million pesos.

The Center of Studies of Public Finances of the Chamber of Deputies located 7 thousand 712.7 million pesos of sub-exercises in Secretaries of Health, Defense and Education. Photo: Reforma

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense did not disburse 2,667.8 million pesos.
For its part, in the field of Education, the Center noted that there was a lag of one thousand 670.4 million pesos, compared to the scheduled.

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“It is important to point out that since it is a monthly report, the causes of these variations are not known, so it is necessary to wait until the first quarter to know the reasons why the over-expenditure and lags in the exercise of resources were recorded .

“However, it is possible that in the first quarter the scheduled and paid spending is regularized and no differences of this magnitude are observed,” said the Center for Public Finance.

The San Lázaro organ added that the secretariats of Citizen Security and Protection, Culture, the Navy and the Environment, among others, were also registered.
In addition, in the so-called “general branches”, 10 thousand 472.9 million pesos were not paid, the largest lag being 4 thousand 85.9 million in contributions to the states and municipalities.

The Study Center cites that there is also a lag in spending in the Autonomous branches for 5 thousand 101.4 million pesos, mainly due to the fact that the amount of 3 thousand 981.5 million was not exercised jointly by the Legislative and Judicial powers.

In the so-called Budgetary Control Organizations, 6 thousand 852.1 million pesos were not exercised and, of these, 5 thousand 944.2 million correspond to the ISSSTE.

In turn, the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) did not exercise 5 thousand 18.9 million pesos.
The specialized Center explained that this amount compensated the underexercise in the Budgetary Control Organisms, before the over spending in Pemex for 4 thousand 740.9 million pesos.


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