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The Samsung Galaxy A52 will be the first mid-range terminal of the Korean brand to have three years of updates.

Traditionally, Android terminal manufacturers have always offered two years of updates to your operating system, something that seems scarce if we compare it with the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 14, which is available on mobile phones 5 years ago.

The first brand to try to change this trend is Samsung, which has already announced that its high-end terminals would have 3 years of updates and now he has just confirmed that he will follow that same policy with the Galaxy A.

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G: the first mid-range terminal of the Korean brand to have 3 years of updates

Samsung phones with 3 years of guaranteed updates

As we can read in 9to5Google, the Korean manufacturer is going to extend its three-year upgrade policy to its mid-range terminals, starting with the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G.

This will not affect other models in the Galaxy A range above such as the A02, A12, A32 and A42, who will continue with the old policy of two years of updates.

In this way, from now on, The Samsung Galaxy A will enjoy three years of updates, both the operating system and the security patches and from the fourth year will continue to receive security updates twice a year.

Thus, the Samsung terminals that will have three years of guaranteed updates are as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S10Samsung Galaxy S10 5GSamsung Galaxy S10 + Samsung Galaxy S10eSamsung Galaxy S10 LiteSamsung Galaxy S20Samsung Galaxy S20 5GSamsung Galaxy S20 + Samsung Galaxy S20 + 5GSamsung Galaxy S20 UltraSamsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5GSamsung Galaxy S21 5GSamsung Galaxy S21 + 5G Galaxy Note 5GSamsung Galaxy S21 + 5G Galaxy Note 5G 5GSamsung Galaxy Note 10 + Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5GSamsung Galaxy Note 10 LiteSamsung Galaxy Note 20Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5GSamsung Galaxy FoldSamsung Galaxy Fold 5GSamsung Galaxy Z FlipSamsung Galaxy Z Flip 5GSamsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5GSamsung Galaxy A52 5G

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