Samsung steals CES 2021 with its line of sustainable TVs – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

The Consumer Electronics Fair (CES) It hasn’t started yet, but Samsung has already turned heads with its line of smart, sustainable and incredibly impressive TVs that it will develop throughout 2021, which practically turn on and change channels in a blink of an eye and as if it were not enough , finally we will tellgoodbye to batteries with the new remote control that is loaded with light.

The South Korean firm is committed to taking a turn in favor of the environment, without sacrificing design, technology and innovation, significantly reducing the carbon footprint in the manufacture of their equipment, using highly recyclable materials and some other novelties in the models ‘Neo QLED’, ‘Micro LED’ and ‘Lifestyle 2021’, which will make you go on your back.

Samsung steals CES 2021 with its line of sustainable TVsSamsung steals CES 2021 with its line of sustainable TVs


To begin with, Samsung will incorporate an “ecological packaging” in its new line of televisions, a solution with which it intends to recycle up to 200 thousand tons of cardboard boxes corrugated each year, while planning to minimize packaging graphics, eliminating the ink from color printing traditionally used on television boxes.

The future is today

With so much technology and the use of artificial intelligence, at this point the only thing we lack is for televisions to change channels just by thinking about it. Or in one of those, get inside the box of entertainment in the style of ‘Willy Wonka’. The good news is that according to Samsung’s presentation, every day we are closer to achieve it.

Samsung steals CES 2021 with its line of sustainable TVsSamsung steals CES 2021 with its line of sustainable TVs

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Samsung includes in the prototypes a remote control of solar cell, which is also loaded with the light inside the homes. That they cut off your power, no problem, because they are also loaded with external light and even with a USB, with which it is estimated that the disposal of up to 99 million AAA batteries can be avoided over a period of seven years. And as if that were not enough, the 24% of the control is made from 24% recyclable material, specifically recycled plastic bottles.


At this stage of the game, technology firms that do not consider inclusion and accessibility in their products will be left out of the market. Therefore, the firm will be at the forefront with the implementation of features based on artificial intelligence, such as Subtitle in motion, zoom to sign language and Audio with multiple outlet.

Samsung’s line of televisions was presented during the ‘FirstLook’ event, but we are sure that the company is saving some other than surprise to impress us during CES 2021, an event that will be dedicated to Lee KunHee, president of the firm, who passed away in October 2020. CES 2021 starts next January 11, here you can check all the activities.

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