Sánchez rules out advancing the end of the state of alarm without hearing the communities and will maintain it until May

The president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, will appear this Wednesday in Congress to return to account of the evolution of the pandemic and the alarm state operation, whose lifting already totally rule out advancing to the month of March, just as in October he promised before the Chamber to study if the autonomous governments requested it. However, the spokeswoman for the Executive, Maria Jesus Montero, has ruled out this Tuesday that there may be any modification before the scheduled date of May 9. “There is no claim to modify the validity of the state of alarm “, has assured.

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Montero has advanced the position that Sánchez will defend this Wednesday in Congress, despite the fact that has not made this reflection with the communities autonomous, as he promised to do in October to have the support of the PP or ERC for the second alarm decree, which is in force today.

The text approved by the Council of Ministers established that this time it would have a duration of 6 months -from October 9 to May 9-, unlike what happened during the first wave of the pandemic, when Sánchez had to appear every 15 days in Congress to request extensions for two weeks at a time. As the pandemic, the confinement and the number of deaths lengthened, it was increasingly difficult for Sánchez to gather the necessary votes, in appearances with an undoubted “wear” for the president and the Government.


To avoid this, the president put a duration of six months to the current state of alarm, although to get the green light from Congress he had to commit to check the date of May 9, for eventually forward it to March 9 if the evolution of the pandemic allowed it.

According to the commitment you reached with ERC in particular, “the Conference of Presidents, with the prior agreement of the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System, will be able to ask the Government four months later, on March 9, to lift the state of alarm, two months before it ends. “

However, Sánchez will appear this Wednesday in Congress with the decision taken that the state of alarm has to be extended until the date initially raised, May 9, without this issue having been studied by the Conference of Presidents.

Nothing advises to lift now

“There is no reason that advises to advance the end of the alarm state and less at such close dates, “Montero said about March 9. On the contrary, the Government considers that the communities are still drinking and should continue taking measures that restrict freedoms such as movement and assembly and that they still need to be protected in the state of alarm. This legal instrument, therefore, “still necessary“in the eyes of the Executive.

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“The Government always said that it was going to maintain it for as long as necessary, in this case an alarm decree is still necessary so that the de-escalation can develop and to avoid that a fourth wave takes place “, has influenced Montero in press conference after the Council of Ministers.

As he has said, we will have to wait to know the status of the situation regarding the pandemic that Sánchez will describe this Wednesday before Congress, but in any case the president has already decided that the panorama does not advise raising the alarm state yet. This is something you could subscribe ERC or PPThe groups that pressed the most to try to shorten the duration and not give the central government discretionary power for half a year. However, one way or another, the two groups they insist on the revisionn that the president promised in October.

“It always has to be subject to review”, point out sources from ERC, who also insist on supporting any decision in the data. From the popular ranks it is remembered that Sánchez promised to consult with the Conference of Presidents, something that so far has not done before making a decision.


The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, during his appearance this Wednesday in the Congress of Deputies to explain the declaration of the state of alarm and the measures to alleviate the consequences of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus

For their part, Citizen sources recall that they supported a state of alarm with a validity of six months, so that the management of the pandemic had “some stability”, instead of “submitting the strategy to a review in Congress every fortnight.”

In what, like other parties, Cs did insist in October was that Sánchez should appear in Congress to account for the state of alarm. In the original text of the decree, this obligation did not appear. To validate it, the president promised to appear every two months before the Plenary, which is what he will do this Wednesday. Also that his Minister of Health – then Salvador Illa, today Carolina Darias– They would render accounts once a month in the Health Committee of the Congress.

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